I love sending cards to everyone, but it’s easier for me to create for women (lots of flowers) and children (animals) than teenage boys and men. They are harder though cars and sports are a place to start.  Sometimes even architecture or ocean scene are appreciated.  But for a real masculine look, type your sentiment over stripes.  Here is how to create the stripes.


Open New document of 1 inch by 1 inch

Pull guide to ½” line to divide the area in 2 equal parts

Use Rectangular marquee to select an area of 1” by ½” and Fill with Black, gray or whatever color you want

Now Ctrl/Cmd D to deselect

Ctrl/Cmd A to select the whole area and Fill – Define Pattern  –  I called it Stripes

Now open New document for your card – ie. 5×7

Layer – New Fill Layer – Pattern (it will use the last pattern created)

You can adjust the width of stripes by the % dropdown

Fonts in this card – Arial for “Happy” and “Day” – Magnolia for “Father’s”

Christmas Card Time

_MG_6661-Edit5x7 card_MG_2565 lighter12 days of Christmas11385757213_f66e93e8be_oDuncan ornament_1090639It’s time to create your Christmas cards. I hope you will use images from this year to send a very personal card. I have posted some of mine from past years, photographic and a simple design with clipart.  Enjoy making your own cards!