Duke Gardens

I went to Duke Gardens this morning and found many wonderful subjects!  I met Paul James up there and he gave me some great landscape tips. I have been shooting so much macro that this was a refreshing exercise. The kabota in the foreground anchors the image nicely and the little path leads to the bridge. Avoiding early morning sky hotspots was a consideration but I liked this composition we worked on.

Although some tulips from a couple of weeks ago are gone, there are many that have taken their place.

The purple iris are gorgeous and the beds are packed full.  This should be a wonderful weekend to get out and shoot.

Sarah P Duke Gardens in Bloom

The Sarah P Duke Gardens in Durham is beginning to really glow with color.  If you go early in the morning (they open at 8am)… there is beautiful light in the tiered gardens.  Another advantage of going early is normally less wind and people!  Many of their tulips are up along with a multitude of other flowers. I spent a couple of hours just enjoying all the color and springtime feel.

Here is a tulip bud almost ready to bloom and covered with tiny dewdrops.

I noticed this orange tulip by itself.  The morning sun gave it a nice glow.

Mike Moats was at Duke Gardens too and found this flower with beautiful swirling petals.  Sometimes the best flowers are the ones who are not at their best!