Space for Text

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When you are shooting, think of leaving empty space (called negative space) for text on your cards. Adding a little something extra to the sentiment like Happy Birthday makes it even more special.  This used one of the self-made backgrounds described a few days ago.

GC – Cards for Anyone!

Anyone Cards

This is an image from a wonderful nursery processed with a painterly effect. But it would be great for men or women and a variety of occasions. Be sure to keep the card designs you create for future use. I have noticed very few cards designed for men in the stores and this would be just fine! This could have been nice for Father’s Day!

Greeting Cards – Sport Theme

Gof card 2

People love to be recognized for what they do and enjoy.  Sports pictures with a cute message always bring a smile. Try photographing a tennis racquet and ball… simple but gets the point. Or perhaps a nice still life of running shoes… basketball or the full court… ice skates… so much you can do to customize your photos!