Recipe Greeting Cards

It’s fun to photograph food and then share with the recipe on a greeting card. I have given you three possibilities.

Recipe Greeting card

Print your photo on front of card and the recipe inside. Note the card is folded so the recipe is on the top half when opened. Or you can print it on the back if you want.

Gift Recipe Share

You may give bread, cookies or other baked goods at the holidays. Include a card with the photo and recipe. Print on a single 5×7 sheet front and back. (not a foldable card).

Greeting card with separate photo

If you don’t print your own cards, you can use a separate print and tack it onto the card surface. I added a title underneath the photo, but you can hand write it or leave text-free. The recipe can be printed on the inside on your regular desktop printer.

Plan a Project


Charleston garage doors


Charleston doors missing steps!

The Old Schoolhouse

Door of old schoolhouse providing light for my subject.

We all have favorite subjects but sometimes still get in a rut.  One way to lift yourself up and get excited about your photography is to plan a project around your favorite subjects. You can plan a book or exhibit or calendar using all those images.

I love photographing doors and windows, especially in historic buildings.  This collage includes doors found in downtown Raleigh.  I made them into a poster.

Doors of Raleigh

You certainly don’t have to do doors, but they can be great fun. They are full of texture, interesting shapes and color too.

And planning a project can be very motivating!

2017 Calendars

I have been making calendars for years, putting 12 of my favorite photos into an 8 1/2 x 11 wall calendar and giving it to family and friends. Each has a sentence of inspiration or wisdom that has meant something to me.

Several years ago I came up with some other calendar ideas which are really fun.

One of my calendar series is made of 5×7 cardstock sheets that go in a standup acrylic frame. One for each month with a photo and all the dates for the month.

But my next version of this started several years ago.  I now print 4×6 cards that go in a 4×6 magnetic acrylic frame. These lay flat so easy to mail and they go on any magnetic surface. Each has a photo and the dates of the month. I package them in a clear box with elastic gold cord and bow.

I print these on Lustre 11 x 14 paper and cut 4 from a sheet. The cost is minimal and they can be sold or given as presents.