Quiet Thoughts

_3210011What a glorious morning!  Light snow falling as Spring tries to come forth. My power went out along with all the sounds of the house. So I sat by an open window near my dogwood and bird feeders to take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.  This wasn’t about taking a fabulous photo… it was about embracing the moment.

I wrote down some thoughts and took a few photos but mostly just enjoyed the serenity.


A feeling of disappointment came over me when I heard everything chug back on and the stillness was gone. My posts are usually about technique and such but perhaps this is the most important one… take time to sit in the silence and just take in all that Nature offers.


PS  I post every weekend but just didn’t have anything in particular that I thought was worth bothering your inbox this past weekend.  Now I am glad I waited and hope you appreciate these thoughts.  And I am happy to have power back of course!