Garden Visits


Beautiful Lotus

The garden is a place of joy and relaxation for me…and probably you as well. I spend a lot of time at the Raulston Arboretum either photographing for myself… for their website… or with students. But still, almost every time there is a new discovery and a moment in time to capture.

Found this hummingbird moth recently sitting still.. that was a first!


Hummingbird Moth

It is great to go to the same place frequently and really get to know the environment. Recently I found a lotus that was drooping but I was teaching and just grabbed one shot (with student permission) so I would remember to go back later. The next day all the petals had dropped and the moment was gone. But I took the top photo on my return visit.. equally beautiful lotus.

Once in awhile you come across something so captivating you lose all track of time and it gives you a break from all the chaos in the world. Nature of any kind is so therapeutic!